TIGER NANNY by Ursula Moray Williams


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There was a tiger cub who wanted more than anything else on earth to take care of little children."" And so when she outgrows the pet spot at the zoo, the cub becomes Tiger Nanny to the three naughty, neglected children of a famous movie actress. The infant prince of Matsumundu is shortly added to her care, occasioning a plane trip to his country complete with hijacking and attempted kidnapping by rebels incensed over the king's ban on movies. Any child would welcome the protection of a motherly tiger on such a journey, and once past some initial Peter Pan cuteness Williams is a disarming reporter of far-fetched adventure, but we wonder why certain British writers persist, however unseriously, in making these foreign insurgent populations more childish than their own Nannies' charges.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1974
Publisher: Nelson