BEWARE OF THIS ANIMAL by Ursula Moray Williams


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From the descriptions, Woody Bantering seems like a peaceful, pastoral British village. War however comes to Woody Bantering. On one side there is Bouncer, a big black billy goat, on the other is George, a myopic little boy who has always wanted to love animals instead of fearing them, but whom animals always recognize as a pushover. When Bouncer accidentally wandered into town, George was his first victim. From then on everyone identified the goat with George, and the boy was blamed for the damage done and held responsible for removing the uncatchable animal. In short, understated sentences the author smoothly builds up the events in the campaign. George's predicament is a little pathetic -- but it's very funny. A well-written story by the author of Island Mackenzie.

Pub Date: Feb. 23rd, 1965
Publisher: Dial