MAN OF HONOR by Ursula Tighe Hopkins


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Jan Hegen, a playwright, is married to Lorely- both physically and mentally as indolent as her name- so that the regeneration of Adele, a girl he first finds in a concentration camp and then finds again- equally lifeless in a London room- is something of a challenge to him. Food, flowers, and later love are all part of the therapeutic regimen, and her ""ageless look of peril and delicacy"" wins his heart; their feelings for each other reach an even fuller fruition when Adele bears him a child. Lorely, to whom maternity is denied, has her bedroom done over- in purple and white velvet and gilt. Adele's quodam husband returns to threaten her- and she kills him. During the trial she is reluctant to name her lover- and he is reluctant to testify, partly to protect Lorely, partly to protect Adele-so that when found ""not guilty"", she is free- to take her life.... Miss Hopkins, who writes a perfumed prose, is carried away almost as easily as her characters; but if emotion is a heady thing, intelligence is the real desideratum. Excessive.

Publisher: Morrow