CATARACTS: What You Must Know About Them by

CATARACTS: What You Must Know About Them

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From one of the stars of ophthalmic surgery: a helpful, pamphlet-sized guide to cataracts and their treatment. Kelman is widely known for developing an ultrasonic surgical treatment for cataracts (essentially, the cataract is dissolved by sound waves--as against actually cutting into the eye), and also for designing implants for use after surgery (in lieu of contact lenses or glasses). Other treatments, however--even those not involving surgery--receive equal time and attention. The advice is sympathetic and straightforward: when cataracts are diagnosed, sit down and be calm, get prepared and then make informed decisions--because there is time to plan carefully for surgery. Kelman recommends two, or even three opinions as to whether surgery is necessary (the first two may not agree), along with careful checking of the surgeon's qualifications. He then expeditiously covers exactly what cataracts are (gradually increasing opacity of the lens of the eye); how surgery is done; complicating conditions (diabetes, glaucoma); diagnosing and treatment procedures (the eyedrops-regimens can be involved); and finally ""Seeing or Suing Your Doctor."" The most serious dereliction, we're told, would be a surgeon's failure to respond immediately to complaints and/or complications after surgery. Briefed by Kelman, readers will be forewarned and forearmed.

Pub Date: Sept. 10th, 1982
Publisher: Crown