THE PATCHWORK QUILT by Valene Flournoy


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Sometimes the old ways are forgotten,"" says Grandmother as she begins to make a patchwork quilt. Later, incorporating pieces of the children's old clothing, she tells them, ""A quilt won't forget. It can tell your life story."" Grandmother calls the quilt a ""masterpiece"" and Tanya becomes so involved in it that when Grandmother gets sick Tanya works on the quilt herself, with a little help from Mama and her brothers. Months later Grandmother has recovered enough to complete the quilt, and the whole family gathers round to remember the pieces of themselves that make it up. Pinkney's pictures glow softly and abound in loving smiles; the family is black; and the book is a Reading Rainbow selection. It is bound to be admired, despite (or because of) being thoroughly platitudinous.

Pub Date: April 15th, 1985
ISBN: 0803700970
Publisher: Dial