A BOOK ON DUCK SHOOTING by Van Campen Heilner


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With Bergman's two books on fishing and trout and Heilner's salt water treatise tops in their respective fields this book on duck shooting is assured an important place in this popular Penn Series, a series with which smart shops have been doing extremely well for several years building up advance order lists. Many had 50 or more orders in their files by the time ""trout"" appeared last year. The author has provided us with duck shooting a la carte. Choose the section you fancy shooting, turn to the index and there it is -- Mr. Heilner's beaten you to it. Just a month ago I drove from Vancouver Island east through the Alberta wheatfields and wondered why no one had suggested that shooting Utopia. The first chapter deals with it faithfully and without exaggeration. Endless clouds of ducks blacken the sky and fascinate all but the farmers who watch them devastate their fields. Or, if you'd prefer Quebec, the Carolinas, the Mississippi Valley or Europe he can serve it for you in the most approved manner, his tale seasoned with expert knowledge and flavored with good yarns. There is an appendix including excellent articles on the speed, species, haunts of ducks and methods of shooting, boats, blinds, etc.

Pub Date: Oct. 20th, 1939
Publisher: Penn