TROUBLE IN BURMA by Van Wyck Mason


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Col. North of G-2 is with us once again in an intricately cast tale of espionage and counter-espionage in the unstable territory of southeast Asia. Instructed in two things- he must recover the valuable small box concealed in the nose cone of a fallen satellite in the Burmese jungles- and he must not upset the balance of international relations in Burma, where one group is pro-Chinese, another pro-Moscow, and most of the nation anti-white. His job is complicated by a series of disasters- all suspect- and by intervention on the part of every antagonistic element. But perhaps the most difficult of the complications arises from the identity of three women- a Burmese, a red-headed American, and a tart with aspirations far higher. And all of them turn up on the river boat on which North is destined to penetrate the jungles in unwanted company. Lots of action- pretty bloody and callous much of it- before he achieves success at a high cost. Followers of Col. North will not be disappointed.

Pub Date: July 13th, 1962
Publisher: Doubleday