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Assuming that the N.Y. Giants fans can read, this season offers a dual bonanza- Don Smith's history -- The New York Giants (Coward-McCann) and now this by the Giants' own Charlie Conerly. Here's the story of how he does it. Along with Sammy Baugh and Johnny Unitas, Conerly is one of the truly great passers. In all his dozen years with the Giants, he has starred. Here is the old veteran, an inspiration to the team as well as to the fans, sharing his secrets of passing, describing them in minute detail, complete with diagrams. His opponents have seen all of these plays many times, but as Rockne said ""You can know all my plays and formations but you can't know which play and when it will be used"". Players and coaches and fans will find this book not only interesting but helpful to study. It will be worth the cost for the TV viewers who at long last will understand fully what they are seeing on the screen. With Meany's introduction and a foreword by the coach, Jim Howell, this is off to a good start with the opening of the new season.

Pub Date: Sept. 30th, 1960
Publisher: Dutton