ANIMAL IQ by Vance Packard
Kirkus Star


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Not another White Collar Zoo but a high pressure text accompanied by lots of photographs which briefs the scientific findings about animal intelligence. It follows the differences between instinct, learning and reasoning; it gives the backgrounds and working of the tests used and indicates the results among the various subjects; it becomes a who's zoo of the dumb to bright to brilliant of the animal world. For it is not only on dogs, cats, horses (really stupid fellows), apes and monkeys, elephants, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, but also on worms, turtles, bees, birds, cows, that animal behaviorists the country over have been working on analyzing their psychology as well as their personalities. It disproves folk and tall tales; it indicates how far experimenters will go to prove a point (the cumulatively complicated tests which sometimes developed neuroses in their guinea pigs); it makes an interesting mirroring of human traits in the animal kingdom. Entertaining highlights in this field.

Pub Date: Feb. 13th, 1950
Publisher: Dial