WINNER TAKES ALL by Vanessa Drucker


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From first-novelist Drucker, an unusually well-written, intelligent potboiler that chronicles boardroom--and bedroom--goings-on at a top Wall Street law firm. Cheltenham, Arbuthnot & Crewe is a venerable old finn scrambling for the big bucks of the bull market. The star of its array of young wannabe partners is handsome Peter Courage, who works long hours trying to please irascible clients and his own equally irascible boss, Ariel Lamb. While clawing his way to the top, Courage also finds time for an affair with another brilliant attorney, Michelle Carpenter--who turns out to have an unfortunate predilection for seriously kinky sex (as do several other burnt-out characters here). On other Cheltenham fronts, one of Peter's colleagues, the lovely young Gina de Angelo, is making it with her very married, very blue-blooded boss Clancy Maxwell; Michael Finnegan is unsuccessfully fighting alcoholism; and Peter's tax attorney friend, David Gleiner, is falling over dead of a heart attack at age 32. It's David's death that causes Peter to question his direction in life--leading him to discover some dirty dealing on the part of Ariel Lamb; fall in love with a pretty and wholesome legal proofreader; and drop out of the rat race for the easy life in the Bahamas. Despite a somewhat hasty, too, convenient ending, former Wall Street attorney Drucker paints a funny, telling sexy portrait of what it meant to be young on Wall Street in the 80's.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1990
Publisher: Crown