WHITE MAN'S FOLLY by Vanya Oakes
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Ten years of life in China, with fervor to the telling, sympathy, admiration and understanding for the people -- high and low, and often a prophetic translation of trends and events. First as a teacher, then as a reporter for the China Press and the U.P., with her friendship for the Wu family, for Fen Lynch, American Financial Advisor to the government, for the ""Beetle"", and her insistence on going to the alleyways, the ""Bamboo Press"", as well as to higher-ups for information, give this account of backgrounds, personalities, trends, an intimate and credible approach. Stressing the unification of China along economic and political lines, she then covers the war front -- from the Burma Road to the cities, schools, industries on the move. She goes to the Russian border, to Indo China, and witnesses Japanese infiltration in the South Pacific Nazi intrigue in Occupied China. She fills in the lines of development with personal experiences of all kinds. She is highly critical of the breakdown of the Arsenal of Democracy, the preoccupation with commerce per as which shortsightedly lost us the very raw materials of commerce, the loss of national honour through lack of first rate policies and comprehension of the Aslatics. An inside book, which outs deep for greater comprehension of all phases.

Pub Date: Jan. 26th, 1942
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin