THE GOLDEN ROOMS by Vardis Fisher


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Two races of primitive man come into conflict in this second of the series launched with Darkness and The Deep. The sexual urge now takes second place to other emerging factors, -- the discovery of fire, its power as a weapon, its use for heat, light, cooking of putrid flesh; the experimenting with new ways of trapping food; groping ideas on shelter, with fire helping them rid caves of lurking beasts; and then the fearsome discovery of the existence of another race of man -- upright, tale, swift-footed, killing with bow and arrow, harnessing fire to be man's servant. The story shifts to these god-like creatures, their discoveries, the beginnings of art, the training of ""Dog"" as friend of man; the intolerance towards something different -- and thereby lower -- when they encounter the -- beast-like creatures just emerging from animalism. Extinction the only answer -- to be followed by dream haunting of ghosts, the saving gesture of burial, of rescue of the new-born. And finally fear with the recognition of an unknown power -- a cry for help -- the first prayer...Less unpalatable than its predecessor -- but not inviting reading, though Vardis Fisher has succeeded in making credible this recreation of the beginnings of man. For a limited market.

Publisher: Vanguard