THE FALL OF BERLIN by Vasili I. Chuikov


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An account of the march on Berlin from Marshal Chuikov, then in command of the 8th Guards Army, as they made their way across the Vistula and the Oder to Berlin from the summer of 1944 to the surrender, May 8, 1945. Characterized by Alistair Home as ""a thoroughly honest soldier...a soldier's soldier"" who was a dedicated exponent of the technique of Blitzkr, Chuikov writes with dispatch and a rough grace of the var on the three fronts. He records differences with Zhukov, miscalculations in assessing possibilities, offering his own opinion--that strength was sufficient for as fast a move as possible towards Berlin. Between discussion of strategy and tactics, there is pause for moments of heroism in the ranks. Toward the close, there are the negotiation attempts, after Hitler's suicide, for armistice without surrender, a split between the Allies which Chuikov would not accept. Finally, full surrender, with an envoi against nuclear war. For the military-diplomatic record, with appropriate evaluation.

Pub Date: Oct. 18th, 1967
Publisher: Holt, Rinehart & Winston