THE TASTE OF THAILAND by Vatcharin Bhumichitr


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This glossy, profusely photo-illustrated culinary travelogue turns out to be as rich in gastronomic gold as in visual glitter--a sumptuous and savvy introduction to the food of this Asian land. With more and more of the ingredients available here, American cooks will want to explore this distinctive and venerable cuisine that is at once complex, subtle, and highly spiced; and they have an inspiring guide in the author, who runs the Chiang-Mai Restaurant in London and can tell you more about rice than you thought there was to know. He can also introduce you to the joys of hot curry paste, fish or chicken in sauces transformed by lemon grass, and the occasional bold adventure such as hot spiced eel, tamed down from an original recipe that called for 30 fresh chilies and ten dried. A splendid resource for reading, grocery shopping, cooking, or dining out in Thai restaurants here or in Thailand.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1988
Publisher: Atheneum