ONCE UPON A TIME by Vaughan Wilkins


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Picaresque adventure in the Superman-cum- Lanny-Budd tradition, modern vein. There's an aviator whose memory has blacked out as a result of a blow on the head, one Oliver, whose exploits suggested that he must have been a commando as well as a secret agent. There's a mysterious gentleman of many names and many talents, now a sort of Scarlet Pimpernel, and again a scoundrel making a fortune in the black market. There's his daughter, Spicey, of questionable legality; and Twinkle, who poses as her sister, but is a sort of chameleon, utterly without feelings. There's the Grand Duke of Ehrenburg, with his fortune in jewels. And there is the setup for digging out family trees, skeletons in the cupboard, and titles of paper thin pretensions. And, on the fringe, there's a German underground, operating in England, and in Eire, bent on securing the Ehrenburg treasure. Adventure- escapades- mysteries- romance, rolled up into a package that faintly involves the identity of a lovely missing lady, heroine of one of Edward the Seventh's schoolboy pranks. Somewhat in the Dornford Yates vein, rather than the more serious, full-bodied historical novels such as And So-Victoria.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1949
Publisher: Macmillan