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Encourage Your Soul: It's Not As Bad As It Seems by Vel Humbert

Encourage Your Soul: It's Not As Bad As It Seems

by Vel Humbert

Pub Date: June 25th, 2014
ISBN: 978-1490840581
Publisher: Westbow Press

Debut author Humbert’s collection lists some common problems faced by lapsed Christians.

Providing five detailed vignettes, Humbert elaborates on the “dry bones”—the trials and tribulations that prevent Christians from being everything that God wants them to be. Common pitfalls—acting immaturely and overemotionally; avoiding church; and inappropriate relationships, including pitting children against parents—are described in detail. The author suggests that to get good guidance, readers go back to church and meet with Christian counselors, pastors or trained laypeople. Humbert also provides some verses of Scripture to bring wayward sheep back to the flock, even if there are no catastrophic situations. Readers will find a familiar pattern of identifying problems by asking themselves, “What is keeping me down at the moment?” Conversation with the person with whom one has had conflict is the next step, and the next is working to resolve the problem. Regular church attendance and re-establishing a right relationship with God are always part of the solution, according to Humbert. Questions at the end of every section help the reader evaluate and assess the state of his or her current relationship to God. Additionally, the questions ask how experience can be gained from past or present trouble. The various problems that are identified are similar—difficult interactions with children, strained marital relationships and poor decision-making. Humbert suggests many will find it difficult to restore relationships without professional, spiritual and sometimes legal assistance. Addressing women in particular, the work seems to target a culturally specific audience, although a conversational writing style makes this work accessible and appealing to a wide audience.

A quick read that offers advice based on Scripture and personal experience.