ROBBERS, BONES & MEAN DOGS by Velma & Barry Berkey


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This unabashed therapy session is based on the solicited essays of 1500 boys and girls who talk about what frightens them (mean dogs, the dark, my dad), how it feels (""My legs just turn to rubber. . . . It was this sick feeling in my stomach""), and sometimes why. One kid, having once fallen down the shaft, now understandably fears elevators; another who is afraid of staying home alone was ""robbed two times last year."" Some bad experiences are recalled--""When the teacher called on me to talk in front of the class, . . . I got so scared I wet my pants""--and many common anxieties expressed: ""Sometimes I think that someone is under my bed"" . . . ""I'm scared of talking to boys that I like."" Hafner's clowning helps dispel the counselor's-office atmosphere; still, that's about where the project belongs.

Pub Date: March 15th, 1978
Publisher: Addison-Wesley