THE  PEOPLE by Velt Valentin


Age Range: 1933 - 1939
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A book of this kind is needed -- a comprehensive history of Germany, done from the point of view that the people are the country, and must be understood first. In spite of its tremendous scope, this is not unleavened chronology and statistics, but a consistent appraisal and barometer of changing epochs, of the constants in the German character. History, -- national, dynastic, social, constitutional and religious backgrounds, the complex components of a country's character. Quick-moving survey of origins, rulers and cultures; the weakening of those rulers and the wakening of the people to a unity of spirit rather than of politics, so that revolution in the 19th century and counter- revolution following brought the expert politician and statesman into leadership. From these roots, and the debacle of the last war, Hitler and his Naziism emerged as the deformed perversion of earlier tendencies and the shape of the national character in this time. Now -- in bittert defeat -- there lies the possibility of reclamation of the people, both in spirit and thought, possible through re-education within the country itself. Valentin in one of the ""Aryan"" scholars to whom the Hitler regime made Germany intolerable. From 1933-1939 he was at the University of London; since then he has been in the U. S. This book is specifically written for English language use.

Publisher: Knopf