A CHOSEN SPARROW by Vera Caspary


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In a fashion which is sometimes as girlish as a dirndl, however cheerfully resilient, Leni tells her story which begins in the reality of the persecution of the Jews under Hitler-- she spends her early years in the prison where her mother dies. But one of the few fallen sparrows chosen to survive, she comes out of prison, is urther deprived and exploited by her foster family, and only after she goes to work as an entertainer in a coffee house does life appear brighter. In fact, it ecomes a fairy tale: she meets and marries a rich Prussian, Gerhard, who takes her live in his castle. But there are many intimations that the romantic figure in the velvet smoking jacket is a perverse spirit and before the close she is able to expose his proclivities after her castle turns into a djinn-gerbread house full of transvestites and neo-Nazis... The Greeks may not have a word for it- but the Germans do-- it's kitsch, but likable withal and Vera Caspary's following (Laura, edelia, Evvie, etc.) is established.

Publisher: Putnam