ONE WAY IS DOWN by Vera Kistiakowsky Fischer


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To go up or sideways you need a push or a pull--a force; ""but down seems different from other directions."" The invisible force, gravity, that makes things move down, and that operates between all objects, is the substance of this attractive picture book, and its sum as a rudimentary science lesson. Mrs. Fischer, a practicing physicist, developed this for her own children; it could be cast off as an inflated kernel except for the exemplary logic of the analysis and the impossibility of mistaking the assumption: ""Suppose that this (gravity) is true."" The imaginative yet utilitarian format (large, colorful wash drawings and clear, readable type) and the direct text offer alternative possibilities for use: answering and extending the curiosity of kindergartners, assigning to second or third graders.

Pub Date: July 20th, 1967
Publisher: Little Brown