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An airplane is the hero of this war story- the Marauder, better known as B-26. More is its history from the drawing boards of the Martin plant, to the skies over Europe. The army asked for bids on a fast medium bomber; Martin won and produced this first all World War II plane,- not perfect at the start, dangerous to fly, but with improvements in design and changes in techniques of using it, the B-26 became the most successful plane in Europe. It was used for torpedoing, for bombing rocket-launching sites; railroads, submarine pens, etc. Then it become a tactical weapon in support of the ground troops during the invasion of Europe. Interspersed are comments from the men who flew the planes. And it is among them-and boys whose interest is universal- that the main market will be found. Rather specialized, although non-technical.

Pub Date: June 16th, 1948
Publisher: Duell, Sloan & Pearce