THE BELL RINGERS by Vern Swartsfager
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The new curate of an Episcopal Church at Dallas, Texas was mystified by the ringing of the church bell at odd hours, particularly during the night. By a little detective work he discovered that a gang of teen-age boys were using the bell as the signal to call the members together. This introduced the ""padre"" to the gang, and there follows a heartening account of the reclamation of a group of potential gangsters by a very human and very understanding priest. The story of these youngsters, first boys and then girls, and how they fell into delinquency and how the Gremlin Clubs organised and led by the padre brought about their redemption makes absorbing reading. Then with newspaper and radio publicity assisting, facilities were secured to house ""The Kid's World."" This is a book which should be of interest to all those concerned with the problem of juvenile delinquency, and it should be encouraging to church people to read the story of a churchman really making his Christianity work. It is also a book full of human interest.

Publisher: Macmillan