THE BEST OF RED SMITH by Verna- Ed. Reamer


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Red Smith is a big league sports writer -- his Herald Trib syndicated column comes across the breakfast plate sharp and fast, with an occasional, deliberate bean all at something or someone in the world of sports that has called forth his well written wrath. These selections are from the last twelve years, but to the sports enthusiast it will seem like only yesterday that Marciano hung up his crown or that Ted Williams spat at his hostile bleacher crowd. Smith misses nothing, his irreverance is total and his perspective totally refreshing. Two boxers posing? ""Two men in silk drawers."" The A.A.U. and N.C.A.A. directors? ""Men who have devoted their lives to children's games."" What has football to do with college? -- a dollars and cents answer. When is a contract not a contract? ""When a coach's team is losing."" There are no sacred athletic cows that Smith does not pitch at and hit. The pieces are short and the book can be laid down at any point -- but it will be picked up again.

Publisher: Watts