TO HELL WITH THE KIDS! by Verna King Grublke


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Mrs. Grublke who appears here alternately as Miss Foley or Mrs. G., really means ""to bell with anyone who ever again says to me. 'To bell with the kids!'"" She taught for more than thirty years starting out in the '30's at eighteen with twenty-eight classes a day in a rural school; she was a principal at nineteen; and she has taught in all kinds of urban schools since. In a quasi-rural brogue, she criticizes everything except her kids; school boards and Professional Educators and the PTA: the teacher shortage (a shortage of trained, intelligent teachers); lack of money and proper plants, etc. The gravamen of her charges is justified and familiar and sometimes ridiculous: (""The day of the dirty odd-ball student and high school student is here. . . . But believe me, the dirty college professor and school teacher led the way.""). Believe us, in the day of Death at an Early Age and The Way It Spored To Be, there are better books.

Pub Date: Aug. 15th, 1968
Publisher: Bruce