LET'S VISIT ITALY by Vernon & John C. Caldwell Bartlett


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Straight history, region-by-region sightseeing postscripts on education and the current situation. From the founding of Rome (by Latins) to the establishment of the post-World War II republic in twenty-eight pages is too fast for full understanding but the sequence is clear; likewise, though the touring is cursory, the itinerary is sound and some overall impressions will remain. Along the way there are glimpses of art and architecture, industry and agriculture, climate and terrain, but the book is not ideally organized to answer topical questions. A few lapses occur: the reader is directed to the map for the location of the Alps and the Apennines, neither of which are drawn or designated; Lebanon is referred to as ""the Lebanon"" (perhaps in recollection of the Lebanese Republic); parallels to English history will be obscure at this age level; a sentence characterizing ""many of our Italian-Americans"" as ""poor"" is apt to be resented by some of them. Generally, however, it's useful within the limitations of a structure which is not quite typical of the series.

Pub Date: July 1st, 1968
Publisher: John Day