BUDONGO by Vernon Reynolds


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This is a determinedly conversational report of a rather specialized nature -- the social behavior of chimpanzees. Lacking the raconteur's gift of a Gavin Maxwell in describing animals or an Elspeth Huxley in describing the African scene, the book will not travel far with that sort of general readership. The author and his wife spent eight months on a grant in the forests of Uganda trying to determine the truth about chimpanzees -- their habits and their behavior patterns. These animals travel miles in a day to find enough fruit to feed on. Because chimpanzees are so difficult to get close to, the Reynolds had to be satisfied to glimpse, count and map the movements of the animals. Their speculations about the male role, the mother role, etc. and the methods by which they gathered their information will have more interest for their professional colleagues than the general public even though it is more information about chimps than anyone's gathered before.

Publisher: Doubleday