THE QUEEN'S EARRINGS by Veronica Hutchinson


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An attempt to put the details about the coronation into a story that will appeal to younger children -- but an unsuccessful attempt, on the whole. The story seems artificial and unconvincing. It recounts the adventures of a man who was an expert in piercing ladies' ears for earrings, and who was called upon to pierce the Queen's ears before the coronation, and to be on hand at the time to put the earrings through the holes and to remove them afterwards. And of how his wife and children waited in the palace and saw the royal family and had tea -- such a tea -- afterwards. The pictures are wooden and unappealing. Possibly Veronica Hutchinson's name and the popularity of anything to do with England's little princesses will sell the book.

Pub Date: Oct. 21st, 1938
Publisher: Putnam