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TIMBER CREEK by Veronica Wolff


by Veronica Wolff

Pub Date: Dec. 31st, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-425-25116-4
Publisher: Berkley Sensation

Coming back to her small hometown to regroup, Laura Bailey sets her sights on expanding her family’s lodge-and-diner business. She won't let high school adversary Eddie Jessup stand in her way with his new project, no matter how attractive or alluring he might be.

Laura Bailey couldn’t wait to leave her small town behind for college and the big city, but when the up-and-coming marketing star loses her job and her fiance in one fell swoop, she returns, determined to streamline and possibly expand her family’s business while she considers how to get back to her city life. When she learns that a big resort development company is trying to build on property nearby, she sees them as a threat and will do everything in her power to shut them down. So what if her high school crush with movie-star looks, Eddie Jessup, is the local contractor in charge of the project and that his own business expansion depends on success? He was a screwed-up, arrogant jerk then, and from what she can tell, not much has changed. So why does she feel that she wants to spend more time with him, rather than less, and that every minute in his company makes him even more attractive? Eddie’s had a thing for Laura Bailey for as long as he can remember, and she’s as annoying and meddling as ever. Trouble is, he thinks she may be on to something, and as they sift through what’s best for their town, their businesses and each other, he can’t deny that her passion, determination and intelligence are a perfect package—one he’s been waiting for all his life. Too bad her heart's set on getting back to the city. This is the latest installment of the Sierra Falls series, and Wolff has created an amiable, relatable community with primary and secondary characters that are well-drawn and convincing. Laura starts out as screechy and nearly unlikable but softens as she moves through her insecurities and comes to embrace herself, her hometown and her new love.   A moving, engaging romance.