GREEN HEART by Vian Smith


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Vian Smith has written many books, some quite good; this one, however, seems hastily written and self-imitative. The nice English moor country background is still there, but the horse-plot, which was good in appears in this book to be more suitable to a teen-age novel. After a discursive beginning, about old and new ways of the moorland, Sara, a young girl from an old moorland family, rescues a mare from being shot after losing her latest race. Sara's mother has just died, and Sara is caring for her two young brothers. Despite enormous financial difficulties. however, she manages to win the help of the village, and after two years the mare recovers to win a race. The background theme of old versus new families and ways is never sufficiently developed to give real drama to this story. A potentially good book, with an interesting setting, this has been written too glibly to fulfill its promise.

Pub Date: Feb. 21st, 1963
Publisher: Doubleday