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FOOD HELL by Vianesa Vargas


30 Day Plan to Lose Weight, Feel Better, and End Dieting Forever

by Vianesa Vargas

Pub Date: Jan. 20th, 2012
Publisher: Capital Food Coaching, LLC

Vargas’ debut self-help guide offers a diagnosis of modern-day food problems, along with easy-to-follow solutions and expertly articulated advice on habits, choices and healthy daily practices.

Neither a fad diet nor a groundbreaking theory on eating right, this practical guide is filled with strategies to reverse the common misconceptions and habits people have adopted as part of a consumer-driven society. To start, Vargas debunks myths about supplements, gluten-free products and sugar-free foods. She offers a plan that steers clear of new products, fancy kitchen equipment and hours on the treadmill. Instead, the author focuses on the idea of eating “real” food, as opposed to supplements and liquid calories. She examines ingredients lists and shows readers how to decipher what is “real” and what is artificial. She recommends, for example, that a product like key lime pie should list key limes as one of the first ingredients; if key limes are not found at the top of the list, that’s a good indication that the product is packed with preservatives and processed ingredients. The book’s organizational structure is very effective, allowing readers to work their way out of “Food Hell” from page one. Rather than completing the book before embarking on a new lifestyle plan, readers can incorporate small changes into their diet and lifestyle as they move along. The book concludes with sample meal plans, possible exercise schedules and a fair number of simple recipes incorporating the knowledge and principles of the book. Though the grammar is, at times, somewhat casual and the prose is peppered with punctuation errors, readers should find the tone of this title accessible and conversational. Vargas doesn’t chastise her readers, and she avoids preaching and enforcing unrealistic rules. The material here may not be new, but the way in which it is presented could be helpful to readers on the lookout for a new approach.

A practical, helpful guide to fit any budget and help readers make their own dietary decisions.