HUSSEIN OF JORDAN: My ""War"" With Israel by Vick & Pierre Lauer Vance

HUSSEIN OF JORDAN: My ""War"" With Israel

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The names and events are familiar in this as-told-to account of the chaotic conditions prevailing in the Arab world before, during, and after the Six Day War, but the perspective will be new to many American readers. From the Arab point of view, it was the Israelis who all along were planning war, and who were just waiting for an incident to touch off a new drive for expansion. As interviewed by two sympathetic French journalists, the Jordanian king comes off as an earnest, dignified young man, lacking in deep bitterness toward either the Israelis or toward his ally Gamal (""with-a-friend-like-you-who-needs-enemies?"") Nasser. His story of the war is interesting, as are the interviews with other Arab officials, including the present head of the Palestine Liberation Organization. The author add little that is new to the massive literature of this conflict, but there is enough here to substantiate their conclusion that ""in the eyes of most Arabs, the very founding by immigrants of a new state on their soil was an act of aggression."" Viewing the refugee problem as the root of the continuing troubles in the Near East, they urge that Israel, aided by the international community, make reparations to the displaced Palestinians. Concerned readers will want to take this under advisement.

Pub Date: May 28th, 1969
Publisher: Morrow