ONCE IN VIENNA by Vicki Baum


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La grande passion given the full treatment as the operatic world, and the strains of Tristan and Isolde, background the charms of the handsome and famous tenor, Hannes Rassiem, and his hold on three women. There is the Kouce , his wife, who pushed him aside for her career -- until she began to lose her voice; there are two students, Elie, gentle, innocent and soothing, who worshipped him after one kiss -- and Dime, wild and proud and passionate, who was such more deeply involved, but even so could not wipe out the shadow of his wife, and lost him as the Koucsowske, through with opera (and opera with her) returns to Hannes to be a wife and little mother. Dims goes on, now fully a woman, to success as Isolde; Elie, on the short end all around, suicides. Uncontrolled ardor and temperament for what may to some be reminiscent of the so-called ""typical French novel""...Not for Public Library consumption.

Pub Date: Jan. 23rd, 1945
Publisher: Didier