TALE OF BALI by Vicki Baum


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This might almost classify as travel with an ethnological purpose, rather than the routine sort of fiction one might expect from the author. She has lived for some time in Bali, and has her facts and her atmosphere, and through a method of recapturing a past period in Bali history, when the seacoast natives offended the authorities, and -- to sustain their pride -- faced war and conquest. Into this story is woven the story of a male dancer, friend of the ruler's son, and of a poor peasant, who was party to a somewhat innocent theft which precipitated the catastrophe. The interest lies, however, in the colorful and dramatic picture of the people, the life, their superstitions, customs, and so on.

Pub Date: Dec. 31st, 1937
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran