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A COLD WHITE SUN by Vicki Delany


by Vicki Delany

Pub Date: Aug. 6th, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-4642-0158-5
Publisher: Poisoned Pen

An unexpected murder in a small town has the cops turning over every stone for a plausible suspect and motive.

When high school English teacher Cathy Lindsay, a wife and mother, is gunned down while walking her dog Spot, the quiet town of Trafalgar, British Columbia, can’t imagine who'd be moved to commit such a crime. Sgt. John Winters begins where all good investigations begin—with the husband—and works to uncover the secrets of the small town, though he finds nothing that would tie a soul to Cathy’s murder. Constable Molly Smith wants to assist in the investigation, not only to learn the truth and get justice, but also since she’d like to work her way up to detective one day. Besides, the case might get her mind off the mysterious man she just met on the ski slopes. Though she’s been comfortable with the company of Adam for a while now, the stranger is as determined and driven a skier as she, and Molly wonders if she’s missed something. Her mother, Lucky, encounters romantic troubles with her gentleman friend—Molly’s boss, Chief Constable Paul Keller. And John’s wife, Eliza, has problems of her own with her employee, Margo, whose obsession with a male customer may lead her to more trouble than she expects.

Though Molly flirts with danger, Delany (More than Sorrow, 2012, etc.) sticks to her usual formula, though this time, the simultaneous motivation yet randomness of the killer’s actions are hard to swallow.