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An over-busy English soap not nearly as engaging as Martin's first, The Windmill Years (1978). She starts with four fairly casual couples: naive young Kate and not-so-constant David; beautiful, recently divorced Caroline and aggressively charming lawyer Clive; cool bachelor Michael and stewardess Susie; and two floaters who will be called into play later--designer Henri and tough Judith (Kate's roommate). As action gets underway, Clive is shoved out of the sack by Caroline--she and Susie-less Michael hear violins, marry, and move to Michael's ancestral vineyard in France. Clive then marries wee Kate, who's pining for David (who marries another). But Clive and Kate's marriage will cool (Kate is growing up), and while Clive takes up with Judith on the side, Kate and Henri lock souls. About this time there's a bit about business (rather a relief): Caroline owns an antique shop, so can she join Michael in France?--and can Clive make a go of decorative clocks? And finally there's some livelier conversation when Caroline's tot is kidnapped by Judith (to help needy Clive) but discreetly rescued by Clive--who still loves Judith anyway. The final line-up: Kate and Henri; Caroline and Michael (they spat-ted but reconciled); and Judith and Clive, who, now that others suspect who whisked off Charlie, are in for it. Dull people. Dull talk. Dull book.

Pub Date: April 18th, 1980
Publisher: St. Martin's