ALLIANCE WITHOUT ALLIES: The Mythology of Progress in Latin America by Victor Alba
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ALLIANCE WITHOUT ALLIES: The Mythology of Progress in Latin America

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At last! a forthright, honest and comprehensive book that is uncompromising on the drastic need for revision of United States policy in Latin America and reveals the framework of failures behind the Alliance for Progress program. In Latin American countries, where the entrenched dictatorships and oligarchies of the far right link hands with the communists of the far left in spreading anti-U.S. propaganda, where bureaucrats grab greedily for U.S. dollars only to deposit them in their own pockets, where the exploited poor get poorer every year, where inadequate housing and food and rising birthrates are rampant and progress is indeed a ""myth"", direct means are necessary to get U.S. aid to the people who need it. The author argues seriously and well that the only way to defeat Communism in Latin America is to defeat anti-Americanism through a well planned program, and he recommends an original and effective means of helping the poor of these countries evolve a democratic form of development. The author raises the important question: Ifs ultimately, there is no other recourse but violence to overthrow the dictatorships in these countries, will the united States support these peoples in their struggle for self government? An embarrassing question and one that has long required an answer. If one were to read only one book on United States policy in Latin America, this should be it.

Publisher: Praeger