THE BURNING EYE by Victor Canning


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Storm and the sinking of the Cambria isolate seven aboard her at Sugulli, on the Somali coast, and there, without radio, they become embroiled in Sultan Ali Yacquibi's determination to keep the secret of oil from foreign powers. It is Wellard, ship's doctor and retreating from the world, who is the means of precipitating disaster for all when he attempts to locate the information about the oil and is kidnaped by the Sultan whose reprisals threaten his fellow survivors. Evading his captors, he is able, in spite of the attack by greater numbers, to effect a chance for escape and, with the Sultan as hostage, the party heads for Kandala or the first passing boat. A blackguard who achieves the promise of a blind eye for his past misdeeds, a minister whose guilt is appeased by a little girl of mixed blood whom they save, a painter who finds his match in the girl who wants Wellard -- but doesn't get him, and Juliet, whom Wellard wants -- and does get -- these are tried companions for eastern adventuring in Canning's smooth rolling story.

Publisher: Morrow-Sloane