A DELIVERY OF FURIES by Victor Canning


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Keith Marchant for many years a ""money rat"", promises himself and Drea, who loves him, a last try for financial security and undertakes to deliver 6 Hawker Sea Furies to the revolutionary, Angelo Libertad, at a Caribbean port. Highjacking the ship that is carrying them includes the capture of Angelo's sister and Albano, the son of the current Minister of Defense. Then follows the deal for payment, the doublecross that results and Marchant's determination to come out of this turnabout with his life -- and his pay. Escaping the attempts to keep him on the outside, he is the witness to Angelo's murder, the framing of Albano, and his negotiations, with the threat of sabotaging the Furies, make possible a getaway. But pursuit by a solitary Fury sinks their ship -- and Marchant's small fortune, leaving only the hope that Drea will not hold to her promise to walk out. The high stake, wide open game and its lure for the ruthless adventurer gets a slight moral gloss here for all its active performance.

Pub Date: April 5th, 1961
Publisher: Morrow-Sloane