MEETING THE MAMMALS by Victor H. Cahalane


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The Western National Parks have supplied the background for study of the mammals described in this volume, though -- in many instances -- they are not confined to the West, but are known in numerous sections of the country. There is an introductory section designed to give a summary of the basic facts -- where to find the mammals, how to add to the opportunities to observe them, what they eat and drink, how they raise their families, how the national park wildlife management protect predators, and insures continuance of various species. Some sixty odd mammals are then described, individually under general class groupings (peccary- deer- squirrels, etc.). The main text places the creatures, gives something of their history and importance, of their struggle for survival and so on; a final and formal section itemizes general description, distinguishing characteristics, where found. Finally, the parks are taken, and under each heading, the mammals found there are tabulated. An excellent reading list gives interested readers guides to further study. Sell as a reference book, or a guide to animal life for travelers planning to visit the National Parks. Not for general consumption.

Pub Date: June 8th, 1943
ISBN: 0548063818
Publisher: Macmillan