COUNTDOWN: The Easy day To Eat and Reduce by Victor H. Lindlahr

COUNTDOWN: The Easy day To Eat and Reduce

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Victor Lindlahr had a long standing radio program, lectured, wrote a very successful book (Eat and Reduce) and pamphlet, and now has based this new book on the experiences of some 2000 people who have counted, and cut, down their calories to trim their shapes proportionately. While nothing he says here is very new, the principle is still the soundest- you can lose one pound of body weight for every 2000 calories dropped permanently from your diet. He discusses the dietetic considerations (enyzmes, vitamins, water retained in the tissue, etc.); the prevailing medical evidence that too much cholesterol contributes to the likelihood of a coronary; overweight in middle aged women, children, and men; physical activity. But the book's greatest value is in the charts which enable you to analyze your eating habits, and the extensive calorie tables.... A seemingly irreducible market- for all diet books.

Pub Date: Jan. 15th, 1961
Publisher: Prentice-Hall