ANXIETY INTO ENERGY: Stress Management by Victor P. Pease

ANXIETY INTO ENERGY: Stress Management

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Stress-management books peaked quite some time ago, but for those who missed all the commotion, this is as good a get-up-and-do guide as any: the usual tests to find your degree of daily stress, as well as the optimum amount of stress you can take (your ""stress window"")--plus positive-think, exercises, and relaxation techniques. Some of this is the usual hooey: you supposedly will find phrases like ""target dates"" less threatening than ""deadlines."" But other material is at least potentially useful--including suggested methods of problem-solving to defeat stressors: increase your awareness of everyday tension (that infernal journal-technique is lauded here); identify the stressful culprits; ""brainstorm"" solutions; and evaluate yourself periodically to make sure you're on the right track. Seminar-veteran Pease scoffs at vacations and the like for long-term solutions to stress; he correctly urges us to avoid the temptation to flee. But one wonders with this, as with so many similar tomes, whether the reader who takes the energetic exercises and techniques to heart will have much time left over to actually accomplish anything. On the whole, though, it's harmless if old-hat.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1981
Publisher: Hawthorn/Dutton