CAPT. JOSHUA SLOCUM by Victor Slocum


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An addendum to an already accredited briny classic (Sailing Alone Around The World -- 1900) which in itself is autobiographical, with Slocum's son filling in lots of family background and fuller details about his (almost) globally famous father. For this is the story of the earlier history of a sea king -- his origin in Nova Scotia, young life on Srier Island, his love of blue water, and the Pacific and Atlantic assignments he undertook and the adventures they brought him. It is a history as well of inhuman sailing conditions, of the world of the late 1800's boxed in the compass of an able navigator with plenty of know-how and saline solution for brains, of a grand old man of limitless horizons -- and of his really hazardous career -- all around the world, and in and out of craft of all sorts. This is the true story of sea adventure, off the beaten track, which is a lead-up to and an explanation of the superhuman, singlehanded maritime feat of long distance cruising which Capt. Joshua undertook in the Spray, a right little ship of original design which a right master took through the tall waters around the world for three years, at the age of 54. So -- get aboard -- small and large boat sailors -- for an absorbing gam -- in which the leading lady is just a come-on for the original book...

Publisher: Sheridan House