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A concise, clear explanation of cataracts from a knowledgeable source: the essentials, with nothing left out. Shulman first tells patients-to-be, reassuringly, that the success rate for cataract surgery is almost 95 percent. Then, translating the complex process of vision into easily understood terms, he explains what cataracts are--simply cloudiness of the normally clear lens of the eye--and how this interferes with the way the eye sees. Next, he moves on to symptoms: most commonly, cloudy vision (as though looking through smudged glasses), double vision, and a yellow cast over everything. To get competent medical help, Shulman suggests contacting the chief resident in ophthalmy at the local medical center; he also describes what a complete eye exam entails, and details the procedure of cataract surgery. (The operation has advanced markedly over the last decade or se.) Advice on the post-surgery period includes sections on glasses, contact lenses, and implants, as well as medication. Looking ahead, Shulman notes that non-surgical treatment of cataracts and laser surgery are currently under investigation. A fairly steep price--but also a complete, and presently unduplicated, source.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1983
Publisher: Simon & Schuster