INGER IN EVERY PIE by Victoria ase


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Lame Auntie Rossner, come to the Oregon Territory in the mid-1800's, to the small settlement that she and her nephew Walter hoped would grow to a town, lived a life full of other bodies' doings. Her own consisted of aiding and abetting numerous courtships, which she chattily shares in her recollection of a long and happy life. The words can't come fast enough as she tells of Kathleen Lennox' courting by nine strong men bested by a small, radiant fellow who won her by his wits; of Cordelia, the would-be lady of the manor, who learned to play Kate to her husband Keith, in fitting softness: of Walter with his lovely Ruhanna Baird, the minister's daughter who made a home for Auntie as well; of Mother Maggie, who crossed the Plains with her new husband Mr. Yates and through kindness to a sick friend saved eighteen wagons from Indians; of Connie Aiken's problem mother, too eager to marry her; of Ma Bricker, the bear hunting hill woman and the dainty daughter-in-law her youngest son brought home; of murder at Bonnie Banks and scheming men revealed--all with Auntie's help. As sweet as spun sugar on a stick.

Pub Date: Sept. 20th, 1963
Publisher: Doubleday