THE MAGNIFICENT MOO by Victoria Forrester


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An ever-so-slight little whimsy about a cow afraid of her own moo. Because the big noise ""frighten[s] her all to pieces,"" and because Cat admires the moo, assuring the cow that it's ""a sound as soft and as smooth as sweet butter,"" the cow suggests a swap. And the cat agrees, but ""only just for this morning."" (So safe are the boundaries that there's nothing at stake.) Well, the cat soon exchanges sounds with a duck, the duck with a mouse, and the mouse with a honeybee. . . who gets busy, as bees will, and leaves the moo on a yellow daisy for the cow to swallow happily. ""And once [the other animals] had gotten their own sounds straightened out, they all came running to tell the cow how happy they were."" Forrester's greeting-card-cute drawings represent the moo as MOO, the three letters that spell the word. This little touch is repeated in every picture; otherwise there are only deft but vapid line drawings of the animals.

Pub Date: March 10th, 1983
Publisher: Atheneum