THE CAPTIVE by Victoria Holt
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Holt's 28th romantic suspense entertainment--as sleek, smooth, and predictable as Big Ben. This time, it's the mid-Victorian era, with mysterious murders around a Cornish manor and some exotic adventures in a harem (strictly G-rated of course). Rosetta Cranleigh is accompanying her Egyptologist parents on a sea journey to southern climes when there's a storm, as well as a shipwreck, which selectively pops three persons onto a desert isle: Rosetta; Lucas Lorimer, from Trecorn Manor in Cornwall, who's been discreetly paying Rosetta court; and an oddly cultivated deckhand, who turns out lo bo none other than Simon Perrivale, also from Cornwall. Simon is on the run--he's been accused of murdering Cosmo Perrivale, his foster brother. It's believed that Simon wanted the inheritance not due him because he'd been adopted, and also the love of gorgeous Mirabel, now married to second foster brother Tristan. Now, aboatload of corsairs pick up the shipwrecked and sell the lot into slavery in Constantinople. Rosetta's friendship for a harem lass brings freedom for both herself and Simon (Lucas has escaped on his own). Then it's back to England and a slay with both the Lorimers and Perrivales--and sleuthing, on behalf of the absent Simon. There's acquaintance with all, including a small rebellious child and a charming major; evidence of a strange murder and unsavory pasts, and a finger on the murderer--not revealed until The last few pages, and naturally a NARROW Escape. Mare of the reliably popular same.

Pub Date: Oct. 23rd, 1989
Publisher: Doubleday