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VISION IMPOSSIBLE by Victoria Laurie


by Victoria Laurie

Pub Date: July 5th, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-451-23406-3
Publisher: Obsidian/Berkley

A psychic helps her fiancé crack the case of the missing CIA whatsit.

Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Dutch Rivers, FBI, is exactly what you’d expect: He speaks several languages, has extensive weapons training and is ready to do what it takes to protect his country. His fiancée, Abigail Cooper, is none of the above, and so is more than surprised to be rounded up by the CIA for a special mission. The agency is in trouble when a special drone is stolen—a drone programmed to see people’s unique auras. Originally intended to track our most deadly enemies, the drone could be a unique threat to world safety if it fell into the wrong hands. Abby’s psychic skills are key to the mission. Not only can she see the same auras as the machine, but her skills may give Dutch added protection. Before Abby can rattle off a handful of the reader’s favorite signature catchphrases, she, Dutch and CIA handler Agent Frost are off to the great white north on a mission of recovery. Abby is suddenly thrust into a world of weapons dealers, international espionage and real threats on her life. She’ll need more than psychic powers to make sure she and Dutch make it through alive.

Fans of Laurie’s Psychic Eye series (A Glimpse of Evil, 2010, etc.) will notice the absence of some of their favorite characters in this latest addition. Natural pacing and humor offer compensation for a plot freighted with heavy-handed exposition.