OSPREY REEF by Victoria McKernan


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Offbeat first novel centered on Osprey Reef, South Florida, where beautiful Chicago scubas for fish to sell to aquariums and researchers, with the help of Haitian assistant Umbi, until someone cuts their boat loose and leaves them to drown. What's so important about Osprey Reef? Detective Alex Sanders, a fed currently working undercover with the Miami force, is curious--and also vastly attracted to the stunning diver, who seems to have swum into a previously undetected drug-drop. Chicago's attempts to infiltrate the smugglers just about cost her her life a second time, and only Umbi's quick-wittedness alerts Alex to cop duplicity--but not before both he and Chicago almost drown and then surface to a mild case of the bends. Scuba instructor McKernan creates eerie, beautiful, and dramatic diving sequences--and also manages to combine suspense and romance with a light touch, thanks mostly to her offbeat conversational rhythms and narrative.

Pub Date: Nov. 15th, 1990
Publisher: Caroll & Graf