YOUR CHILD AND HIS ART by Viktor Lowenfeld


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In question and answer form, Dr. Lowenfeld whose Creative and Mental Growth has hit the 48,000 mark in copy sales, tables the problems of the role of art in life- from the scribbling stage through adolescence- and supports his theory that it is a means to an end, of continual growth and happiness. Grounded in the firm belief that a child must be motivated through security and an understanding of how he sees things at his own particular age, his is a meaningful theory. First, it says many things which to many may seem obvious by now- that coloring books are harmfully limiting, that early painting should not be proportionally or colorfully correct etc. But in enlarging on these matters, which just as many parents may still need to learn, Dr. Lowenfeld comes to the meat of his discussions and there emerge sound principles, of seeing the world through a child's eyes, how children ""see"" at different ages, how security and outside relationships effect their ""seeing"", what happens when they get old enough to be critical of their own work, the value of cooperation and companionship, and economical use of space and materials. Faulty organization necessitates some repetition, after the author has asked his initial questions and then answers them again when discussing specific age groups, but it does not detract from the purpose. An important volume for the educational world.

Pub Date: April 6th, 1954
Publisher: Macmillan