ABOUT MRS. LESLIE by Vina Delmar


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Report repeated from page 70 of the February 1st bulletin, when scheduled for earlier publication, as follows: ""Something just a little stronger than sentiment, but none of the tarnish or the lure of another generation's Bad Girl, this focusses on the lives-chiefly love lives- of Vivien Leslie and her roomers, an elderly couple- Mr. and Mrs. Poole, and younger Nadine Roland and Lan McKay. For Mr. and Mrs. Poole, it is the tragedy of their daughter, Karen, now dying in a hospital, and Mrs. Poole's even sadder recognition of the worthlessness of her only child; for Nadine, it was the hope of getting into pictures, but only making the payroll from which she is dropped; for Lan, escape from a family which over-valued money, and the decision to make a new start without them and with Nadine; and for Mrs. Leslie, there are the memories of a yearly six weeks with the figure of national prominence she had known as Mr. Leslie, who had died but had left her with a contentment in the love they had shared if only at intervals.... Some fairly realistic romantic interludes- this will not be too suspect for conservatives and will be for rent.

Pub Date: June 22nd, 1950
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace